garden of skye

Fri, Jun 25, 2004

OK, so tourists need to get somewhere fast, especially in those huge coaches that force you off the road when you’re cycling home and all they want to see is a smoked glass tinted view from the air conditioned throne that their bahookies are parked on. Presumably the new road through Sleat is to cater for these people as the locals seem to manage with the single track. Now, I’m not against progress but when you call somewhere “The Garden of Skye” and then cut down the trees, you have to wonder why the advertising standards lot haven’t caught wind of this! There’s a vast new swathe of tarmac being laid to replace the trees that were there and to create another motorway for maniacs to speed on. Why don’t they plant a new tree for every one that they’ve cut down? They’ve even cut down trees that are beyond the end of the new road :( A couple of years ago, the loop road through Ord and Tarskavaig got so bad that it was pothole central and during the winter the snow plough wouldn’t come near it. So what did they council do when faced with treacherous 1:7 gradients encased in snow and ice and the real threat of sliding off into a ravine? They waited until the spring and came round the loop road cutting down trees! Where are all the trees in the garden of Skye going?

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