welcome to the guanxi project

Fri, Jun 25, 2004

Welcome to the blog for the Guanxi project

Guanxi will extend Siva to provide Shibboleth protocol capabilities for the UHI Siva project. The Guanxi project’s main website is at www.guanxi.uhi.ac.uk Over the coming months this blog will provide a personal perspective on developing the shibboleth extensions for Siva and may contain some strong language! So I’ll be back, as Arnie says, after I’ve digested the draft v0.5 Shibboleth spec (here) - when will it be updated? The first question is, should we support existing Shibboleth v1.1 implementations? Probably not in my humble opinion as the original Shibboleth implementors have decided to stop supporting it themselves! Hopefully I’ll bung a “Shibboleth for dummies” article up here soon, once I get up to the dummies level.

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