welcome to the siva weblog

Fri, Jun 25, 2004

Welcome to the Siva weblog

Just started the Siva weblog. Over the past month I’ve being converting the first iteration to a Java toolkit. The first version was exploratory, involving much running about and coding while my backside was in flames! Took a load of research to find out what was supported in the way of remote programmatic account maintenance on Novell systems such as NDS and Groupwise. Most CNA/CNE folk you speak to only know about the API gateway on groupwise and Console1 on NDS so it’s a hoot trying shoehorn LDAP and NDAP into the system, not to mention COM. A veritable soup of interesting technologies and in the case of COM, completely undocumented! Loads of strong coffee, a copy of dumpbin.exe and a Novell header file. Luvvly Jubbly! Anyway, there’s now a sourceforge site, ready and waiting for the code and javadocs. Almost finished the docs and I’m just turfing out some remnants of v1.0 which are going to be replaced by configurable XML/XSLT for the account definitions. Next job is to think long and hard about the extension interfaces - how best to allow folk to contribute and add their own handler classes to interface with exotic systems we’ve never heard of. The Guanxi project will make use of Siva to interface with Attribute Stores in the Shibboleth protocol and in fact, Guanxi will be adding shibboleth extensions to Siva.

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