guanxi with axis

Thu, Jul 22, 2004

First step on the road to Guanxi-dom was to build a webapp and build Apache Axis into it, rather than have the Guanxi system sitting inside Axis as a JWS or normal web service. To install Axis is simple. To build it into an existing webapp is just as simple. Doing this gives you complete control over your site, with separate apps for SOAP/SAML and reporting/monitoring and admin. Along the way, I read the sample chapter from Java Development with Ant, on calling web services from Ant. Impressive. Knocked me socks off so it did! You can use a build.xml to call a remote service to get it’s WSDL, download it and feed it into Axis tools to generate Java stubbs to call the service. You then just tie it together with a few lines of code and you’ve got an instant web service client. I’ve listed some interesting resources at the end of this entry. The next step is to integrate the Internet2 openSAML implementation into Siva to make it Guanxi.

Some interesting resources:

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