os x and java 15

Wed, Mar 2, 2005

There is quite an interesting discussion, which you can read here, that makes we wonder when Apple will release Java 1.5 for OSX.

According to the discussion, they never released jdk 1.2 and it took them 23 months to release jdk 1.4!

There’s some info here too. Apple are saying that you can download a preview of Java 5 (jdk 1.5) but you need Mac OS X v10.4 Tiger Build 8A393! As I’m currently on 10.3.8 (Panther), that’s a non starter.

It seems to be a case of Sun not caring about the Mac as Java doesn’t really fit in with the way things are done in OSX land. Excuse me? I don’t develop for the Mac, I develop on the Mac. Wake up Sun and give us 1.5 on OSX, or Apple, or whoever it is that’s meant to give me static imports!

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