Fri, Mar 4, 2005

It’s nice and quiet down in code land. Ok, the odd NullPointerException causes panic but it’s really a quiet and soothing place to be. You could save the planet down there. Then you come up and think to yourself, why bother saving the planet?

Especially when you read stuff like this.

Animals get it rough on this planet. They have no say in what happens to them, they get shit from people who are barely self aware and who have probably only just learned to walk upright. Show these idiots fire and they run a mile. :(

The Chinese are into bear bile. They chain bears in tiny cages and stick a pipe in their side to milk the bile. They don’t give a shit about the bear. They have a long and cultured history but what’s culture worth if it treats other creatures with contempt? :(

The British are into hare coursing, the poor man’s fox hunting. It’s inverse snobbery. They want to keep their own with the toff twats so they find a hare, run it ‘till it’s exhausted and watch a couple of dogs tear to death. :(

Then you have the slopeheads who are into badger bating… the list of cruel “sports” and degrading treatment of animals is endless.

I once had a “conversation” with a woman on a hill in the borders. She and a group of “sportsmen” were hunting foxes with a pack of rabid dogs. I asked her why she did it. Was it not cruel to tear the animal to death? She replied that it was just taking care of the weak and elderly. She didn’t like it when I suggested she do the same with her elderly relatives!

So why do it to animals?

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