siva2 takes shape

Fri, Mar 4, 2005

I see Siva2 as being composed of 3 parts:

I can see the Control engine being somehow tied in with Guanxi as only certain users will be allowed to control it. In fact, you don’t want any of the frontend engines to be visible outside UHI, so Guanxi will probably control access to all of them. Of course, the access policies will determine your level of access to each function in each engine.

The Grungwise stuff will have to sit on a Windows machine until Novell come out with the new Java enabled Postoffices but it will be behind a web service, so it can be controlled from the Unix engines. Might even bung Guanxi onto it to control access to the services it offers for Grungewise accounts.

Siva2 is now a Struts application, which saves a lot of time working out the flow, as Struts is superb for keeping you within the MVC framework.

For persistence, Hibernate will probably be bolted on to the backend to save state.

Also, web services for status/control stuff, although this is probably not a priority as the whole shebang is on the web, accessible via any browser but protected by Guanxi.

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