soap vs rest

Fri, Mar 4, 2005

SOAP is dead? or at least it’s twitching and starting to smell a bit in the heat from the laid back RESTers!

SOAP is a pig. Developers are like water droplets in a river, they follow the flow, the line of least resistance, the RESTful way. They don’t think, “hang on, I’ll just jump out of the river, take a walk through the forest, where I can’t see the trees anyway, then maybe construct some exotic structure for the night…”. If they do, they end up getting in further downstream, scarred and wondering why on earth they even thought about going into the dark forest.

Some quotes to get you thinking:

"…SOAP is Comatose But Not Officially Dead!…" "…BlogLines, Flickr, Mappr, and 43Things…have shunned SOAP in favor of more RESTful designs…" "…semantically rich platforms like…Amazon are being accessed by RESTful methods…"

So, everyone’s moving to REST and away from SOAP. I must go and read and fear for the web services future…

Or are we seeing the rise of the script kiddies?

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