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Thu, Mar 10, 2005

This site has an interesting summary and comparison of the various web frameworks on offer at the moment. It compares and contrasts:

Having already used Struts and Spring, I’ve decided to take an interest in JSF as the next Struts subproject, Shale, will integrate the two. The news from the Struts project is of change:

“Struts Shale … is … an entirely new codebase … an MVC framework for web applications, like Struts Classic, but it’s a fresh start. Struts Shale is the best choice for developers eager to leverage the latest technologies, like JavaServer Faces."

Also, JSF UI components seem to be taking over the Struts html tag library, as, to quote the developer of Struts:

“If you have an existing Struts based application, then, I encourage you to evaluate a migration towards using JSF components instead of the original Struts HTML tags. Not only are the original tags effectively superceded by JSF, they are also not undergoing active development at the moment."

It looks like the immediate future will be an integration of Controller level frameworks with the JSF View tier to get your MVC:

Struts and JSF? What’s all that about? Have a read here and find out.

Spring and JSF? Find out more here.

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