fancy a shortbread tin too

Thu, Mar 17, 2005

This is utterly preposterous and wholly inappropriate - it should NOT be allowed!

Can you believe it? William Wallace’s sword, currently housed in The Wallace Monument in Stirling, is to be shipped off to America for “Tartan Day”. I ask you, what a load of balderdash and codswallop. This makes me so angry. Apparently the sword is regarded as “The Guardian of Scotland” but all Stirling council can see in it is a chance to pedle their tawdry wares to the Americans, who like to regard us as a bunch of tartan clad haggis munchers who live in turf roofed hovels up a misty glen at the foot of Granny’s Heilan' Ben. Boke!

Something as precious as a 700 year old freedom fighter’s sword being stood in a railway station. Is this actually legal? What sort of reception would London councils get if they wanted to ship the crown jewels to some public ammenity in Stornoway?

Wallace’s sword on the other hand can be manipulated for tartan tattery. They’re even comparing it to themselves when they say that the cost of transporting it is no more than the cost incurred for transporting their own fat bahookies!

For someone who ultimately inspired the Battle of Bannockburn and Scottish independance, to then wrap that in money spinning cap doffing tartan pish is nothing short of criminal

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