monkeys and the earth 2

Fri, Apr 1, 2005

The BBC have this interesting article, outlining the Creationists syllabus, which basically says Darwin was wrong and evolution doesn’t exist.

Apparently the earth is only 6000 years old and this belief has been held well before the evolutionists came on the scene. In fact, it’s hinted at in the superb English Passengers, a tale of extreme exploitation in the Antipodes. The belief was that the earth was indeed very very hot when it was created and to get round the fact that it’s only 6000 years old, the theory of Divine Refrigeration is touted to solve it. The theory doesn’t exist but perhaps the creationsists might want to read the book.

When you think about it though, evolution is just a tad silly. Like fish coming out of the sea to become birds and monkeys turning into humans. Now, I can believe the genetic side of evolution thus: birds that nest on sloping ledges on sea cliffs have square eggs (they don’t but follow along). The creationists might say, “they were created that way”, the evolutionists point out that birds who are genetically disposed to producing round eggs lose them as they roll off the ledge. Square egged squawkers have a much better chance of dominating the species as their’s stay put. That’s evolution.

Anyway, the point that clinches it for me, comes from this list of strange but true stories.

Have a look at number 6!

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