bodington 242 released

Wed, Apr 27, 2005

The 2.4.2 release of the open source Bodington VLE is now available for download from:

The 2.4.2 release is a zero admin Shibboleth compatible Identity Provider and user attribute store rolled into one. It provides a low cost entry into the world of federated identity management, allowing users to participate in federations and virtual organisations.

The 2.4.2 release contains an embedded Guanxi Identity Provider (IdP) that auto creates self-signed server certificates to get you up and running in no time at all.

Due to it’s fine grained user permission system, the Bodington VLE can be used as a low maintenance user attribute store, especially for institutions who need to grant access to internal resources to external users. The built-in Shibboleth compatible IdP allows the external store to plugged in to an existing federation.

More details on the Shibboleth functionality of Bodington can be found here.

An overview of Shibboleth can be found here

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