building guanxi

Mon, May 9, 2005

To get a fully functional Identity Provider (IdP), you need to build the 4 components of Guanxi, in the order:

cvs login cvs -z3 co -P guanxi cvs -z3 co -P gx_lib cvs -z3 co -P samuel

Let’s assume that you’ve created the directory, so we’ll refer to it as [GUANXI_HOME].

You should now have a distribution that looks like: [GUANXI_HOME]/guanxi [GUANXI_HOME]/gx_lib [GUANXI_HOME]/samuel

SAMUEL saaj.jar xmlsec.jar

Guanxi::Common servlet-api.jar

Guanxi::WAYF guanxi-common.jar samuel.jar

Guanxi::IdP guanxi-common.jar samuel.jar ldap.jar saaj.jar xmlsec.jar bcprov-jdk14-128.jar

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