bodingtonclan i18n updates 5

Wed, May 25, 2005

You can now specify multiple resource files for a template:

<template facilityclass=“org.bodington.servlet.facilities.Facility” resource-file=“res.generic.strings,res.templates.useroptions.strings”>

To use multiple resource files, specify the class names as a comma separated list. The Localiser will take care of matching keys with resources:

<localise id=“button.ok” /> - this comes out of the system-wide res.generic.strings bundle <localise id=“page.title” /> - this comes out of the template specific bundle res.templates.useroptions

The following files were modified:

The following files were added:

The two methods in Facility, displayLanguageSelectionList() and displayLanguageDebugLevelList() show how to localise content coming out of this class

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