the height of silliness

Fri, May 27, 2005

It used to be only mad dog and Englishmen who went out in the midday sun but now, according to that secret roomful of scientists who produce ridiculous research, everyone should nip out for a varying period of time, round about midday, for some much needed vitamin D production:

Banish your midday blues

It’s not as simple as downing keyboards and rushing out for 15 minutes each day. You have to make sure it’s exactly midday, as apparently the amount of vitamin D produced is a function of the height of the Sun!

The duration of exposure is also proportional to your latitutde. For example, if you live in Athens, you need only laze outside for 6.5 minutes. If you live in Edinburgh, you need to bare all for almost twice that time, 11 mins.

It doesn’t mention Skye, where you’d probably get hypothermia and/or eaten by midges long before your vitamin D indicator reached full.

So why do we need our vitamin D levels boosted? Is it because we sit at a keyboard all day? Perhaps not. There’s a general movement away from outdoor pursuits, in favour of nice, warm, UVB protected activities, such as indoor climbing walls. Indeed, the latest development in the bagging game is Bing Bagging, where you bag old shale bings in Central Scotland. This isn’t new, as I have an old friend to whom we refer to as the “Bing King”.

What next? Will an enterprising individual catch on to this new phenomenon and buy up bings and put a roof over them.

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