national park only in name

Wed, Jun 8, 2005

I despair. I really do. All this talk of wind farms to save the planet. What a load of CRAP. Looks like we’re seeing the infrastructure upgrade to bring subsidised power from the far flung regions of this crowded little country.

Every bit of windy land in the Hebrides is being eyed up by wind companies bearing bags of beads for the natives and a fat swag bag of public cash to pay for staggeringly inefficient power generation. Great, all say. Power to the people. Buy the land, lease it to the wind factory brigade and retire on the proceeds. Hold on though. That’s our money that the wind companies are using to lease the land, to build the turbines and to lay the moors and hills to tarmac and concrete.

It’s now having a real effect here as well as here - the upgrading of an infrastructure that’s not designed to cope with a publicly funded power surge. They refuse to do it properly, i.e. bury the damn cables. They do it on the cheap and disfigure what’s meant to be a “national park”. Then again, it’s a national park that has miles of rotting ski fencing, rusting ski machinery, eroded fragile tundra and to top it all, a bloody railway to the top of the only sub arctic land in the uk. Publicly funded of course.

You must start as you intend to continue. If you chuck litter on your living room floor, your guests will do the same. Thus it is with the Cairngorm’s “national park”. It started from an unbelievably abused tract of land. Abuse payed for by the public. Now no-one bats an eyelid when more steel tat is proposed. Why should they when just over the hill, there’s tons of steel tat lying around? Why should the power companies care if the “national park” lot don’t?

So public money went to build a privately owned railway up Cairngorm. Public money is going to wind factory companies, privately owned, so they can destroy the environment. Public money went into the enqiry on the Loch na h-Oidhche hydro scheme and we couldn’t even get copies of it.

I had no idea I was having such a detrimental effect on the environment. Did you?

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