fisherman and tolerance

Wed, Aug 31, 2005

First they fished the seas empty. Then they said the seals were eating what was left and tried to have them all killed. Now they say that the fish are for them alone. There’s not enough to go round any more.

Homo Fishiens is laying claim to every scaly swimmer in rivers and lakes, as of course, they have been entitled to fish ever since they could stand upright. Upright not for long though, with the enticing thought of that enormous umbrella which shelters them and their tinnies and fags from the rain while the rod dangles lazily in the water hoping for a passing catch.

It now appears the mega brolly now conceals a small gun emplacement, with sights aimed on passing cormorants. You know, those voracious pirates who fished the seas dry. Or was that fishermen? Anyway, they now want to blow the cormorants away:

Cormorants must die!

Whatever next?

Beware next time you’re in Tesco, reaching for that last salmon on the shelf. There may be a fisherman in the next aisle with his shooter aimed right at you.

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