guanxi 125 changelog

Tue, Sep 6, 2005


  • Fixed bug in org.guanxi.idp.SSO where it was only ever loading the first service-provider node from the config file


  • Modified org.guanxi.samuel.utils.ParserPool to call parse(InputSource) from parse(File)
  • Modified org.guanxi.samuel.exception.ParserPoolException to call Exception
  • Added Exception constructor to org.guanxi.samuel.exception.SAMUELException
  • org.guanxi.samuel.utils.ParseErrorHandler methods now throws SAXException
  • Added Guanxi SP and SAML resolvers to org.guanxi.samuel.utils.Resolver. Also now ignores non Guanxi and SAML entities
  • Added org.guanxi.samuel.saml.metadata package
  • Added org.guanxi.samuel.saml.metadata.EntityDescriptor as a base for parsing EntityDescriptor elements in SAML2 Metadata. Extensions are handled by subclassing this class
  • Added Metadata classes Organization, ContactType, RoleDescriptor
  • Added external schema definitions to org.guanxi.samuel.utils.ParserPool
  • Added support for SOAP schema to org.guanxi.samuel.utils.Resolver
  • Added org.guanxi.samuel.utils.XUtils.getNodeValue(Node, String)
  • Fixed bug in org.guanxi.samuel.saml.AttributeQuery where it was putting itself in the saml assertion namespace instead of saml protocol


  • First release of the Service Provider


  • Added junit.jar

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