saml2 schemas and xmlbeans

Mon, Oct 10, 2005

A while back, I wrote a few classes to handle a limited set of the SAML2 Metadata functionality. Just enough to get the Guanxi SP internal web services working. Now, having discovered XMLBeans, I’ve managed to parse the SAML and Guanxi schemas using XMLBeans and can now use an object API to manipulate the SAML and Guanxi xml spaces.

XMLBeans is just the beez neez. It’s absolutely fantastic. It even handles raw X509 certificates embedded in the metadata. It also handles the Guanxi SAML2 Metadata extensions. When you hit an <Extensions> node in the SAML2 Metadata, it’s as easy as jumping quickly out of XMLBeans to org.w3c and back again to bridge from one schema to a new one. In this case, bridging from the SAML2 Metadata schema to the Guanxi extension schema. XMLBeans works beautifully.

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