guanxi passes athens gateway tests

Mon, Oct 24, 2005

The Guanxi IdP has now passed the Eduserve Athens Shibboleth tests and UHI are now live through the gateway with a multilingual IdP, which should be good news for our Gaelic users.

Thanks to the attribute mapping capabilities of the IdP we can directly translate user attributes to Athens permission sets and also map certain attributes to eduPersonTargetedID, which is required for state persistence through the gateway, allowing users to have a more personalised Athens experience without sacrificing privacy.

The mapper also allows us to translate institutional attributes to the eduPerson set without having to install the eduPerson schema, so we can evaluate how best to progress with attribute stores and how they are viewed by the outside world.

It’s a major milestone for Guanxi and as for me, I’m off to find some cakes…

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