idp now in gaelic

Mon, Oct 24, 2005

Now that the cvs has stopped oscillating and the new module structure is ready, which makes it a breeze to build Guanxi from source, I took some time to build in i18n and now the IdP’s UI is available in Gaelic. It’s controlled by what the browser says it will accept. If you set your browser to “Scottish Gaelic” then you’ll get the IdP UI and any errors in Gaelic.

The hardest part is, of course, translating the technical language to Gaelic but I’ve kept the user facing messages as simple as possible, with the really scary stuff staying in the logfiles.

Another plus though, is that you can now translate the IdP into whatever language you want by just getting hold of the message files, which are just Java .properties files and translating the content. Bung them back into the IdP and you have your own language version of Guanxi.

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