wordpress plugins and user levels

Fri, Nov 25, 2005

Since I changed the LDAP to be a plugin and integrated it with the REST installer, I now have a template 1.5.2 Wordpress that can be installed via a simple REST web service call.

When you make the call with the new user’s details, the modified installer will create a new blog for them, add them as a level 9 user with LDAP authentication and an admin user whose password they don’t know. It also automatically activates the LDAP plugin.

This means though that they could deactivate the LDAP plugin and cause the helpdesk to overheat when they can’t login any more, so I hacked a few files to provide user level restriction for plugins:

/* Plugin Name: LDAP Plugin URI: http://codebrane.com/blog Description: LDAP authentication Author: Alistair Young Version: 1.0 Author URI: http://codebrane.com/blog Level: 10 */

The LDAP plugin, as you can see, now requires a user level of 10 to view it.

These are the files I hacked to provide the user level restriction for plugins:

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