guanxi guard migrates to php

Thu, Dec 8, 2005

A PHP Service Provider? Well, I’d thought of this a while ago but it was only at the JA-SIG in Austin that a chap mentioned that, as the Guard - Engine communication is via web services, the Guard could be written in any language. Sure enough, it certainly could.

The Engine is in Java and it’s probably best to keep it that way at the moment as it handles the SAML Profiles and trust but all the Guard has to do is hook requests and communicate via web services with the Engine. It doesn’t have to know anything about SAML Profiles.

I had a look at this ages ago and came up with the PHP core directive:


This lets you run a script before the main script. In effect, it’s much the same as a Servlet Filter. It could, in theory, block the request while the user is sent off to the WAYF and the attributes arrive.

Will have to look into it. Watch this space.

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