mac to pc connection sharing

Fri, Dec 23, 2005

Although I use the powerbook for just about everything these days, it still lacks software that I need, such as digital mapping. You can run Anquet Maps on Virtual PC but you can’t use the GPS as Virtual PC doesn’t support USB properly. So I still need the PC. It doesn’t have a wireless card, just an ethernet which I added, to back it up to the big Lacie disk the powerbook is using. I blogged this here.

I’ve now decided to share the Mac’s Airport internet connection with the PC via it’s Ethernet card. Here’s how:

On the Mac, go to System Preferences -> Internet & Network -> Sharing. Click on the Internet tab. Where it says “Share your connection from”, I set mine to “AirPort”. Tick the Built-in Ethernet “On” checkbox.

Your now sharing the Airport connection with the PC via Ethernet. Before it will work though, you have to enable it through your Mac’s firewall if it’s running:

Click on the Firewall tab. Tick the Personal Web Sharing “On” checkbox.

To allow SSH through the Mac from the PC, e.g. from Putty, you’ll need to add a new rule to the Mac’s firewall: Click on the Firewall tab. Click on New. Under Port Name, choose Other. For TCP Port Number(s), put in your SSH ports. For me, I use the standard 22 and another secret one! : 22,XXXXX Ignore the UDP setting. For Description, add something meaninful for the new rule : SSH from PC Click OK and that’s the Mac’s firewall open to SSH traffic coming from the PC.

Now, connect the PC’s Ethernet to the Mac’s Ethernet. Make sure you add the new zone the PC detects to any firewall software you’re running on the PC.

One more thing to remember. If you close the the powerbook, although it’s still on, the Airport connection will go into power save and the PC will lose it’s internet connection. So keep the powerbook open while you’re surfing on the PC.

That’s it. Fire up a browser on the PC and surf!

PS. The first thing I did, once released from the shackles of dial-up, was to download Firefox!

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