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Sun, Jan 8, 2006

Ages ago I remember hearing about Sequoia having a Java API on the postoffices but so far, nothing. The only way to programmatically create Groupwise accounts is through COM:

Groupwise Adinistrative Object API

About 3 years ago, this was largely undocumented. All I had to go on was a C++ header file. Now, it’s fully updated and documented. Still no sign of Java support though.

C# has made an appearance now with the LDAP C# libraries:

A Beginner’s Guide to LDAP Development LDAP Libraries for C# Using .NET C# LDAP Library

In fact the Novell Developer Kit (NDK) is building up slowly:

Novell Developer Kit

The latest I’ve read in the various webzines points to Groupwise Aspen in the fall of 2006 - autumn? With Cedar coming in 2008.

The quotes from Novell are:

“In GroupWise Aspen, Novell plans to further team collaboration and provide new data backup capabilities. Novell will also focus on enabling more partner applications. To date, Novell partners have taken advantage of trusted application programming interfaces (API) to create more than 150 add-on products that run efficiently with GroupWise.”

“The focus for GroupWise Cedar is to bring the rich functionality of GroupWise to users on any platform, anywhere at any time, to improve user experience, and to increase administrative functionality and grow scalability. This release will build on Sequoia and Aspen for team-enabled collaboration and further simplified administration.”

(my emphasis)

To me, it would seem that perhaps Cedar will provide the Java admin API. That’s 2008. Considering it was originally scheduled for release with Sequoia, that’s a 3 year delay.

Will we see a C# admin API instead?

Novell Reveals Long-term Plans for GroupWise

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