chinese bear farmers

Mon, Jan 16, 2006

Despite the huge leaps in medical science, there’s still a hard core of abusive Chinese farmers who insist that bear bile is good for you and cures your ills. These bears are caged in tiny barred hell holes, writhing as if insane with their fur rubbed off exposing the raw flesh underneath, while a metal tube hangs from their gallbladder.

The reporter on the news tonight mentioned human rights. Farmers must be compensated for the loss of income when the authorities rescue these hapless creatures. Well, what a load of crap. If they want compensation, they should stick a metal tube in their own gallbladders and milk their own bile. I’m sure they’ve got enough of it to serve the cranky Chinese medical system.

Hopefully this vile and evil practice will eventually be eradicated. In the meantime, some bears got their own back on one of these “people”:

Bear farmer eaten by abused animals

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