sinister goings on at the zoo

Mon, May 22, 2006

When one puts wild animals in a zoo and provides them with everything they need, you would expect that the “wild” would be bred out of the animal over the generations. This seems to have happened at the Highland Wildlife Park. A pack of wolves have been deemed to be not wild any more and have been destroyed. Well, the words used are far more sinister:

“…experts said the six animals had to be euthanised because they were not portraying their natural behaviour…"

I find that both staggering and frightening. Presumably they no longer fit with the business needs of a “wildlife” park. What’s the problem? Did they not frighten the guests any more? It’s called evolution stupid. What next? Are they going to “euthanase” all furry animals due to global warming making fur unnecessary?

“…The welfare of the animal is always paramount in our minds and no decision is made until a full investigation has been carried out…"

yes, the investigation has found them surplus to business requirements. They’re no longer displaying “wild” tendancies. Don’t let the genes and appearance fool you. These are no longer “wild” animals according to Highland Wildlife Park.

The wolves have been there since 1972, not enjoying the freedom of their natural habitat but making Highland Wildlife Park money. Now they’ve passed their best and have been “euthanased”. They have, however, been replaced by a new pack. Well, until the visitors don’t find them frightening enough either and they’ll be “euthanased” too.

It’s a sad sorry world that can put wild animals in enclosed parks and just destroy them when they no longer fit into the grand scheme of things.

No-one batted an eyelid when the family of wolves were destroyed to due an “expert’s” interpretation of their behaviour and yet on the other hand, Lloyds TSB put up a 100, yes ONE HUNDRED pound reward for the return of a PLASTIC COO.

Yes, kill as many creatures as you like but don’t touch that plastic coo.

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