wolf in sheeps clothing

Mon, Jun 19, 2006

So they’re at it again, the pro-whaling nations, Japan, Norway and the likes. Not content with almost bankrupting their fish farming industry, just to flood the EU with cheap salmon, Norway has voted to restart commercial whaling. The story suggests Japan has wangled this but obviously with the support of Norway. Quotes like these are quite restrained:

…whaling would be on a much smaller scale than in the past…" “…It’s not going back to the commercial whaling…” “…sustainable whaling…” “…protection of depleted and endangered species…"

when what they really want is to empty the seas of whales for their short term national gain. We’ve already seen that with Norway, whose fish management policy is non existent. Just ask Scottish fish farmers how well Norway manages it’s fish farming industry.

So Japan wants a lot less whaling than in the past? Why not eat what they catch for “research”? Whaling has been going on for decades under the banner of science. mmmm, tasty science indeed I’ll wager. How much research can one do on a dead whale? What calibre of scientist would continually work on a carcass? Oceans full of life but these “scientists” must kill and drag back to the lab.

Once these traditional exploiters of the world’s oceans start their take take take again, it’ll just be another blood bath and path back towards extinction for the whale.

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