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Wed, Jul 19, 2006

Thought I’d just waffle for a bit while I think of something interesting to post. The powerbook went on the blink again. A couple of months ago it was the wireless broke but Apple sent a box, I bunged it in and it came back fixed a couple of weeks later.

Now, this morning, it wouldn’t boot. Came up with a black screen urging me to restart in four languages. Phoned Apple support, re-installed the OS, the usual stuff, nothing. Didn’t fix it. The chap arranged to phone me back later while it was re-installing so when it failed, I did a quick backup onto the G5 using the Reboot while holding T method and linking the powerbook and G5 via firewire. The powerbook’s HD then appears on the G5’s desktop and I can backup.

Anyway, on the dot, they phoned back, I explained it hadn’t worked. So they asked me to remove the battery and the power lead and hold down the power button for 10s. Something to do with resetting the power management doofer which dishes out power to the various bits ‘n bobs in the machine. Battery back in, power lead in turn on, it worked!

Just like to give credit where credit is due. Apple are always excellent with the customer service. I have an AppleCare plan and it’s well worth it.

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