first hint of autumn

Sun, Aug 6, 2006

We’ve had a superb summer in the normally frozen north, loads of sun and very warm at times if not downright hot. I had a trip into the Fisherfield wilderness, a two day walk over the big six from Corrie Hallie to Poolewe at the end of July and it was certainly very hot indeed. Since then however, the weather has steadily grown cooler with rain and some gales.

Having a walk round the Clan Donald Gardens, after taking the Gaelic audio tour of the museum, there was a swish in the tall trees and for a fleeting moment I sensed approaching autumn. In the way the light faded, grey clouds with black underbellies overhead and the slightly crumply note of the excited leaves. The silver sheen on the Sound of Sleat. It was just a moment before the sun reappeared but it was definitely a touch autumnal.

The meadowsweat is in full bloom, having come out two or three weeks ago but the gales are increasing the rain is coming in off the Atlantic in fast moving lows.

Have to watch out, see when the trees start turning. The time of log fires, good books and mellow drams is not far off.

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