an ordinary day

Tue, Oct 17, 2006

If you haven’t heard of it, go read it now

This is an ordinary(ish) day for me.

I got up about 7am, still dark and the Knoydart mountains are cloaked in mist, not much wind about and no midgies as it’s October. Global warming has meant the temperature is quite mild for the time of the year although they’re forecasting snow for the hills by the weekend. Shave and shower, put the bike in the car and get a lift halfway to work with the mrs, then cycle the other 9 miles. I’ll cycle the full 18 miles back, to get work out of my system.

The sun is just coming over the horizon as I reach work and the roads are empty and quiet. All the tourists have gone for another year. A small white van passes me too close at the college so I shout at him and gesticulate in his general direction but lacking any cerebral cortex he doesn’t notice. I wonder if he’s sentient. Then again he drives a white van. Get in, change in the bog coz there’s no cycle facilities. Hopefully no-one’s had a curry the night before. Sometimes it’s soaking in there. I mean, how can you miss? And those twats who piss all over the seat. Some people should be made to go outside. Coffee from the machine, sit down in front of the mac, take the mouse off the power charger, shake it awake on the desk. Email client bursts into life, another pack of complainers complaining about things that don’t work. It’s them that don’t work though. Sometimes I wonder how they find their way to work.

Megalomaniac on a project I’m working on informs me he’s rewritten most of my stuff and requires me to write some more by midday. I don’t reply, instead, I read a mail from the FC describing the upcoming VLE user tests. I spill my coffee. The megalomaniac tries to contact me via chat (instant messenging). I contact a colleague to see how their attempts at writing a method are going. I spill some more coffee. Spend the next 15mins going round in circles on chat. I spend the next 3 hours trying to shove 3 web applications into one, merging their web.xml files, setting up web services to even more web applications and when I start up tomcat the whole lot blows up and I spill the last of my coffee.

The megalomaniac sends me an email which I file for later reading.

The FC phones from Cambridge and we have a 3 way conference with the holidaymaker next door, who goes out for a fag in the middle of it. FC is ranting about testing and recruitment. Holidaymaker is ranting about the lack of an eFramework. I’m ranting coz I’ve spilled all my coffee trying to wire crappy web applications together instead of designing an eFramework.

Nothing more from the megalomaniac. Maybe he’s jumped on a plane and his coming up. Talk to the hand, pal.

There’s a package waiting at the post office, wonder what it is. Maybe it’s a bomb from a disgruntled user. A horse’s head perhaps?

That’s it so far. I’m off to get some more coffee to spill.

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