weather confusion

Thu, Oct 26, 2006

Well the weather warnings have started again for the winter. Today we’ve had severe gales and torrential rain, enough to fill Dingwall’s streets to 6 feet! Broadford bay was very impressive with huge white breakers rolling in from an angry grey sea and it looked truly wild out beyond the islands.

However, it seems no-one can forecast the weather any more. With this month being the warmest since ninteen-canteen, today’s forecast, according to the main BBC news was southerly gales. BBC Scotland said northerly gales. Both said mild with rain. The mountain forecast said snow to 700m! So take your pick.

It was actually northerly gales and torrential rain. I checked the Cairngorm and Buachaille Etive M??r webcams (see the front page of the blog) but no sign of snow. I even checked the Snowdon one too. The mountain forecast has been predicting snow for the last week or so but it’s never materialised.

Here’s a composite image I made from the weather charts:

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