debugging c application in eclipse cdt

Fri, Nov 3, 2006

So we’ve bought Listserve and I’ve been looking at the tcp application it comes with for sending commands direct to it’s port. It’s written in C so I decided to use Eclipse’s CDT to build and debug it. However, I kept getting this error when debugging:

“No source file named lcmdx.c”

and the breakpoints would never work. I’m used to C/C++ development on Windows so I’ve always used VisualStudio to manage the debug/release builds but now I’m building on OS X and I need to use make. I’ve also never used gdb so after some snuffling about on Google I got rid of the error by building a debug version, doh!

gcc -g -c -v lcmdx.c

Now it works just fine and I can’t get all nostalgic and start coding in C again. Might even add some assembler.

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