gsk short term roadmap

Fri, Dec 8, 2006

Following on from the success of the GSK proof of concept, I’ve sorted out the classloader issues and cleaned out /shared/lib so all the Guanxi SP specific libraries now reside in /webapps/shibb/WEB-INF/lib. Here’s what the layout looks like now. All paths are relative to TOMCAT_HOME:

/components/sakai-guanxi-pod-manager-pack - provides GSKPod services for the shibb portal to use /components/sakai-guanxi-user-pack - the Guanxi UserDirectoryProvider and GroupProvider implementations

/shared/lib/sakai-guanxi-gskpod-api-1.0.jar - the GSKPod api. Implementations of GSKPod (Guanxi Shibb Kit Pod) offer SAML attribute policy enforcement etc. /shared/lib/sakai-guanxi-pod-manager-api-1.0.jar - the Guanxi PodManager api. Implementations of this allow the shibb portal to register GSKPods with Sakai

/webapps/shibb - the Guanxi Shibboleth portal. This is where it all happens. Users get here after they’ve been through the Shibboleth process.

It’s certainly alpha at the moment as it only works with the Guanxi IdP on my machine as I’ve set up the attribute mapping rules to support the crude profile I’ve created to get the shibb portal working. To get in to Sakai via Shibboleth you need these attributes. You’ll notice their tightly bound to Sakai’s UserEdit:

Then the work will begin on SAML assertion policy enforcement. Attribute TTLs and Audiences etc. That should be interesting.

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