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Sat, Dec 16, 2006

Following on from the previous post, I’ve decided to get into the spirit of the web services and SOA revolution and rename my blog. It’s been the cakeBlog from the start but the name is getting a bit long in the tooth and I don’t eat a lot of cakes now anyway. Why did I? Read this post.

So what’s the new name? Well, if you read the previous post you’ll see I’ve found mashups to be very useful indeed, especially the ones favoured by rollnecks, i.e. the ones devoid of XML. It was the word recombination that did it for me. My eyes were opened and I discovered a rich seam of analogies with atomic physics that could be mined to describe mashups and web services.

Basically what one must do to join the mashup/SOA revolution is analyse your information output, how it’s displayed, how it’s generated, where it’s content is stored. Are you reinventing the wheel? Then use mashups.

Ionise your information.

Join the SOA revolution by putting your information in a particle accelerator and smashing it against the wall. See what the fragments are. Gather those fragments and turn them into web services. Go shopping for better versions of the ones you’ve identified, then recombine the final set of services with your original, streamlined information.

I’ve done this with my blog, using webcam services from other sites and weather information parser services I’ve written myself. The dashboard of my blog uses information services from wordpress.org.

My blog has been ionised.

Welcome to the ionisationBlog.

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