guanxi libraries revamped

Fri, Jan 12, 2007

gx_lib was getting a bit long in the tooth and was full of jars for which I had no version. I knocked up a quick Java app (jarver) to query manifest information but even the xerces stuff had no version information embedded. Time for a good “redd oot” as they say.

The first thing I did was deleted all the old jars and create new directories for each system that Guanxi uses. e.g. I’ve now got directories for XMLBeans and Xerces etc under gx_lib. Then I downloaded the latest jars, chucked out a load of old jars that I don’t use any more and sorted them into the directories. Then I updated the Guanxi modules' build files so that I don’t have to keep renaming the jars referenced in them. Now they just copy all the jars from each directory they need.

After shibbing Sakai,  I got to know the Sakai Maven repository structure and I liked the way they named jars. Nice and clear and easy to keep track of versions. So I first renamed guanxibeans.jar to guanxi-beans-1.3.0.jar, along the lines of the Sakai jar naming then I did the same to the rest of the jars in gx_lib.

A quick test of all Guanxi modules and all is fine. I’ve sorted a couple of LDAP deprecations to do with passwords now being sent as byte[] instead of String. I’ve still got a couple of BouncyCastle deprecations to sort out but nothing too major.

I’ll then get the release ready, after I’ve thought of a name for it and add it to the Sakai GSK and package it up as a localhost Shibboleth solution. I can now provide a real localhost version as I’ve coded up a FlatFileAuthenticator and FlatFileAttributor.

I think with the flat file support and auto-setup and auto-trust SSL layer, Guanxi is getting easier to install and work with by the day.

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