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Sun, Jan 21, 2007

I was taking a break from researching concept maps in requirements engineering (more on that later, on the wiki) and I sat down with a cuppa and the latest West Highland Free Press. Almost immediately I fell off my chair laughing at the images conjured up by the headline:

Status quo in Wester Ross out-of-hours medical cover “too costly”, says NHS

What an image. You’re feeling poorly so you phone the NHS help line and within the hour, 3 ageing rockers turn up at your door giving you a rendition of “down down, deeper and down” on the front doorstep! Presumably they were too costly due to the 10 articulated lorries that accompanied them, not to mention the sleepy hamlet of Lochcarron overrun with decrepit groupies. Oh well, one can but chortle.

Another item that made me laugh was this article on the BBC news site, about the Americans' love affair with the car and how they’re filling them with gadgets to while away those boring hours waiting for a parking space to become available. This caught my eye:

Probably the most important slot on your dashboard at the moment is the cigarette lighter and charger, but it is about to be joined by a USB port. Sync is a new joint initiative by Microsoft and Ford"

So it’s official, when your new Ford break down, you’ll all have to get out, stand on the road and then get back in before it’ll restart!

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