ive added xmlbeans xsdconfig support in axis2

Wed, Feb 14, 2007

I’ve been using Axis2 in the ASK web services and as I love XMLBeans, I use that data binding. So when I design the WSDL I include all the domain type definitions and I’ve got an instantly useable set of web services that work in the ASK domain model. Well, almost useable. I still have to implement the skeletons.

I’m also writing an Axis2 tutorial and one thing I found was that Axis2 wsdl2java didn’t support xsdconfig files when using the XMLBeans data binding. So I added it and submitted the patches. It was a case of extending Axis2’s XMLBeans code generator to support the BindingConfig methods:

I’ve added two new options to wsdl2java:

So now I have xsdconfig support in Axis2 and I can get on with my tutorial. For the moment it can only be used if you download from trunk but it should be in the next release after 1.1.1.

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