sakai maven 2 idea

Mon, Mar 5, 2007

I’ve been trying to build Sakai with Eclipse but as far as I’m concerned it’s impossible. Eclipse can’t work out the dependencies so it builds in the wrong order and things get messed up and you get nowhere. On top of that, Eclipse is so ropey that the type navigation breaks all the time and I have to reinstall Eclipse and all it’s plugins. So I thought, enough is enough and I wrote an IDEA converter. I initally wasted a lot of time converting Eclipse .classpath files to IDEA .iml files but it became apparent that the .classpath files are not kept up to date so the resulting projects wouldn’t build. Also, Maven can relocate jars in the repository so that was another problem that binned the .classpath approach.

However, Sakai 2.4 supports Maven 2, so I plumped for a solution that converts Maven 2 pom.xml files to IDEA .iml files and it worked a treat. I can now build and navigate entirely in IDEA. Here’s what to do:

The first thing to remember is this will only work with Sakai 2.4 as it’s the only version that supports Maven 2.

When it’s finished you can open the IDEA project from: sakai-trunk/sakai-trunk.ipr

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