elgg now shibbed

Thu, Jul 19, 2007

I used my Guanxi PHP Guard to shibb Elgg. What I’m doing at the moment is creating a web content tool in Sakai, which is shibbed using the GSK. This means I can run Sakai as an IdP and Elgg as an SP. I had some trouble to deal with from Elgg:

  • include “../includes.php” caused an endless loop of redirects to the Elgg front page, so I extracted the includes I needed, to access the Elgg APIs and used require_once on them instead.
  • Another problem was lib/setup.php, which I had to require_once from the Guard. GuanxiGuard.php sets up a session, to store state and attributes and all that and Elgg’s setup.php was picking this up, thinking it was a normal login event and was then checking to see if a valid Elgg cookie was set. It wasn’t as we were in shibboleth mode and currently off somewhere getting attributes, so setup.php called Elgg’s report_session_error() which caused all sorts of problems. I still have to work out a patch for that.
Here’s a screen shot of Elgg running from Sakai, after having added the shibb endpoint to a Sakai web content tool, the endpoint being /shibb/gx.php

Elgg in Sakai

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