fedora client libraries now ready

Wed, Sep 5, 2007

I adapted the build system I used for ASK to generate client libraries for the Fedora web services. As I’m not writing the services this time, I managed to cut down on the size of the build file. So I now have the API-A and API-M clients built and will add in some lightweight unit tests. That will mean having a Fedora installed somewhere.

I stuck with the pattern I used with ASK, which is Axis2 with XMLBeans data binding, as it gives you a complete OO model of the Fedora services. So once I’ve done the unit tests it’s a case of adding these jars to Sakai and implementing the Fedora interface for CHH.

The build also copies the generated jars to the maven2 repository.

I normally try to do TDD but in the case of web service client generation it’s a real hassle, so what I normally do is generate the clients and then do TDD, if that makes sense. Normally in TDD you have the libraries you’re going to use, so the IDE plays a big part in the TDD process as it auto-completes imports and method calls and all that.

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