fedora web services clients released

Fri, Sep 7, 2007

Today I’ve managed to finalise the unit testing of the auto generated Fedora web services clients. I’ve checked everything in to our svn:

svn checkout https://source.uhi.ac.uk/svn/ctrep/trunk fedora-ws-clients

there’s a readme.txt that explains everything. The best thing to do is install and start Fedora, change the build config accordingly and run:

ant all

which will generate clients, install them in your maven2 repository and run the unit tests on the clients.

There are two strands to the project. The development strand, which will interface Sakai Content Hosting with Fedora and the institutional implementation strand, which will take the development outputs to an institutional audience. Presumably that audience will have been briefed on what to expect but at the moment I really don’t know what is happening as the person who really should be doing the institutional side of things wants to get involved with the development instead, with no evidence of any Java development experience. But the project is 5 months late due to dept. wrangling and shuffling. We can still make the release milestone next February but not if people are not willing to take on responsibility where it matters. I’ve seen too many projects either die a slow death or reach their finish with no reporting. If I see that happening here, well, best to keep away from me ;)

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