a quick reminded of whats needed for ctrep

Tue, Sep 11, 2007

Just to remind me what development work is required for phase1.


org.sakaiproject.content.chh.fedora.ContentHostingHandlerImplFedora implements org.sakaiproject.content.api.ContentHostingHandler

ContentEntityFedora implements org.sakaiproject.content.api.ContentEntity

ContentResourceFedora implements org.sakaiproject.content.api.ContentResource

ContentCollectionFedora implements org.sakaiproject.content.api.ContentCollection

I have no idea what any of the above mean as I’ve never been into Sakai, so there’s a steep learning curve to overcome. I have no idea what UI work is required. AFAIK all the work is concentrated on providing Fedora implementations of the content interfaces. Presumably the UI already supports all those interfaces and we’re not extending them, so there is no UI work to be done.

Prolly split the work into API-A, API-M and Mapping workpackages. At a first glance, looks like the ContentEntity, ContentResource and ContentCollection is where the wire to domain and vice versa mappings will occur. Could also implement the caching of wire objects here too to reduce network trips.

So what do I think so far? I have two days a week on CTREP at the moment. I need at least two days to read up on the content hosting stuff as I’ve never even heard of it.

Timelines? Too early to say. I know what will happen if I make an estimate. It will be construed as “so you’ve done that”. So I won’t make an estimate. Also, there’s an overlap developing with the BID project at Oxford. Need to see if that will affect CTREP development. There’s a VC next week perhaps to talk about all this.

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