fedora 30 beta 1

Thu, Jun 5, 2008

Installed Fedora 3.0 beta 1 and ran the web services client build against the WSDL. Had to make a couple of mods to the files:

FEDORA_HOME/server/access/Fedora-API-A.wsdl FEDORA_HOME/server/management/Fedora-API-M.wsdl

to get the clients generated as they couldn’t resolve the types XSD:

it was set to:

<include schemaLocation=“fedora-types.xsd”/>

just changed it to:

<include schemaLocation="../xsd/fedora-types.xsd"/>

I updated the test properties and ran them against the new server. Looks like FOXML is different in 3.0 though:

fedora.server.errors.ObjectValidityException: Unsupported format: foxml1.0

Have to look into it. Shows the briliance of unit testing though. You know where you stand with a new version of the application to be tested.

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