to twit or not to twit that is the quandary

Wed, Aug 20, 2008

I’ve had a Twitter account for ages now but I’ve never got round to using it, mainly coz it’s a hassle to use. I have to keep a separate browser window open in which to twit. However, I’ve now installed TwitBin on Firefox which gives me an instant link to Twitter in the sidebar. I can see this being really handy in meetings and conferences as a thought stream, from which I can cobble together a more complete blog post after the event. I’ve also added the Twitter gizmo to the sidebar of the blog, soze you can watch what I’m up to, if I’m in the mood for twttering.

It could be interesting though. How candid to be? Blog posts are normally considered pieces of writing, with diagrams, code and the results of long hours in the think tank. Twits are shoot from the mouth blasts. They can be little tweets or double barreled blasters, depending on what you’re tweeting and your mood. During a meeting, If everyone in the room has twitter or they’re watching my gizmo, you can create an LTN (Local Twit Net), with some amusing consequences. I can comment on the speaker in my own inimitable way and have that thought instantly broadcast to my twitterees. Non repudiatable and possibly embarrasing in future. Although I’m sure the connection between keyboard clattering from my end of the room quickly followed by ribald laughter rippling round the rest of the room would be easy to make though.

However, the first thing I had to do after not logging in for ages, was evict a vacuous tart who was following me. Judging by her propensity for having her knickers round her ankles most of the time and the fact she already had about 20,000 friends, I thought she wouldn’t really miss some boring prattle on stuff like shibboleth, so I barred her. Ha! get orf my twit! The place is probably seething with SpamTwats. Well, here’s finger to the lot of you!

At the moment, I’m just twitting inanities to see if anything useful comes out of it. I’ve applied to go to Javox though, so it could come into its own there. In the meantime I’ll continue to dump thoughts into the twitbin and see what garbage I can add to Web 2.0

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