Tue, Nov 25, 2008

Just saw this interesting quote from The Endevour on Lines of Code (LOC):

“…inexperienced and experienced programmers write about the same number of lines of code per day. The difference is that experienced programmers keep more of those lines of code…”

I recently wrote a small app to to generate an RSS feed from various “learning objects” on a server in four different languages in a day. Java, Python, Perl and C. Just for a laugh. I gave up on Ruby as my Mac doesn’t like Ruby for some reason but I’m thinking of refreshing those parts of my brain that used to code in assembler. My favourite version? The C one, just for the nostalgia!

You’d think one version would be enough but just goes to show that if experienced developers have time on their hands the LOC can go through the roof. “I’ve got this thing wee thing to do before the big kickoff meeting tomorrow but I’ve just finished the wee thing. What can I do now?”

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