guanxi 2 released

Wed, Nov 26, 2008

Well that’s it. A long hard road indeed. I’ve shifted from Ant to Maven for all modules and added Spring to the IdP and Engine which means they now have configurable jobs for loading metadata as well as pluggable metadata and trust layers. There’s full end to end SSL support and Shibboleth trust implementation based on various metadata verification profiles. Guanxi is fully compatible with the UK Access Management Federation as well as the Internet2 Shibboleth reference implementations of the Shibboleth SAML Profile. The Guanxi IdP and SP (Engine and Guard) are currently live in the UK federation.

For more information on Guanxi, head on over to the wiki. You can download Guanxi from the sourceforge site and there’s a bit of news on the release on slashdot.

Guanxi 2 provides a stable and extensible platform for Shibboleth and SAML support. One of the next development cycles will be to support SAML2 profiles and perhaps look at supporting other protocols such as OpenID.

In the meantime I’m off to lie down and have some cakes.

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