guanxi idp 202 released

Wed, Feb 4, 2009

I’ve just released v2.0.2 of the Guanxi IdP, details below:Common

  • v2.0.2
  • Added to support XPath
  • Updated Modified verifySignature() to support ID attribute ResponseID
  • Updated org.guanxi.common.metadata.SPMetadata. Changed getAssertionConsumerServiceURL() to getAssertionConsumerServiceURLs()
  • Updated org.guanxi.common.metadata.impl.GuanxiSAML2MetadataImpl to implement getAssertionConsumerServiceURLs()
  • Updated org.guanxi.common.EduPerson, added EDUPERSON_NO_SCOPE_DEFINED
  • Updated org.guanxi.common.entity.EntityManager. Changed removeMetadata to removeAllMetadata and added removeMetadata
  • Updated org.guanxi.common.entity.impl.GuanxiEntityManagerImpl for new interface methods
  • Updated org.guanxi.common.job.ShibbolethSAML2MetadataParser, added loadEntityManager
  • Updated to support EMAILADDRESS as first entry in DN instead of CN
  • v2.0.2
  • Updated Changed trustEntity() to use new getAssertionConsumerServiceURLs() method. This fixes a bug where shire validation fails if more than one AssertionConsumerService with a  binding of urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:1.0:profiles:browser-post is present
  • Updated org.guanxi.idp.metadata.SPMetadataTest for new metadata method
  • Updated org.guanxi.idp.util.AttributeMap::loadMaps to fix bug where including var nodes in the map file caused the maps not to be loaded
  • Updated org.guanxi.idp.service.shibboleth.AttributeAuthority::addAttributesFromFarm to fix bug where a missing scope on a scoped attribute caused a crash
  • Updated org.guanxi.idp.job.SAML2MetadataParser to improve refreshing metadata, eliminating periods of no metadata while parsing new entities
  • Updated org.guanxi.idp.util.AttributeMap::map to support interpolation of providerId in an attribute map
  • Updated org.guanxi.idp.util.AttributeMap::map to fix bug where unique attribute values are the same for all users.
  • Updated WEB-INF/guanxi_idp/config/spring/farm/persistence.xml, added autoReconnect=true to JDBCPersistenceEngine::connectionString
  • Updated org.guanxi.idp.service.AuthHandler::preHandle to log missing parameters

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