who do they think they are

Wed, May 19, 2010

So Google are at it again. Not content with publishing your private email details on their attempt at a social network, they’re now harvesting wifi usage from their street cars. Google do seem to worry me these days. They seem to have no quality control whatsoever, well on the face of it anyway. Whatever happened to Wave? That terrible mess of an application that was “released”? Then they Buzzed your googlemail contact details all over the place without telling you and now they’ve been snooping on your wifi usage.

In each case, they seem to want to blame the “engineers” working for them. In this latest blatant abuse of privacy, some guy called Schmidt is pulling out that old cherry that fraudsters use to defend their robbing of large corporations:

“no, harm, no foul … Who was harmed? Name the person”

then there’s this wonderful statement:

“highly unlikely … any of the collected information was … useful … have been no use of that data”

so he’s gathering useless data that they’re not going to use? So why gather it in the first place? Schmidt continues:

“No one has taken it, done anything with it. It has not been given to anyone”

until they hand it over to their “investigators”:

“Google has asked a third party to review the software … and examine the gathered data”

so Schmidt and Page have secretly harvested wifi usage from their street cars and are now giving it all to a mysterious third party.

What other “payloads” are on those street cars, gathering “useless” information that will “never be used”, other than mysterious people who seem will be the recipients of the harvested data?

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