language shifting in tiobe

Sun, Jun 20, 2010

Having a quick look at the June 2010 TIOBE index, it’s good to see the languages I use are top of the bunch, Java, C, C++ and PHP, with the fairly new addition to my portfolio, C#, moving up the list into sixth place, just below VisualBasic. The even newer addition to my portfolio, Objective-C,  has jumped up to number 9, from 45 last year. So it’s nice to see my portfolio of languages are all in the top ten.

Interestingly, Ruby is on a steady decline it would seem, moving down 2 places since last year. It was the fastest rising language in 2006 but since then it seems to have declined and is sitting at 12, one place below another declining language, JavaScript, down 3 places since last year. This result mirrors my own experience of Ruby. A quirk to start with, a bit of a spike playing around with it but I found I was spending far too much time installing it than actually using it and now I have to think hard before using it in a project. For me, it’s declined and that shows in the overall stats for the language.

Bizarrely, Perl is up a place since last year. No idea why as it’s a language I stopped using a long time ago and PowerShell is making a strong appearance, up 7 places to reach the top 20.

So it looks like 2010 might be the year of Objective-C as the fastest rising language. If we look at the list of rising stars, since 2003, C++, PHP and Java have won that accolade and all have sustained their popularity, staying in the top 10. Then Ruby and Python, which are both declining. C in 2008 rose sharply and is still in the top 10 but last year’s star, Go has dropped to 21. So just under 50% of rising stars stick around in the top 10. Almost seems like a 50:50 chance of the next new language either being a hit, or a fad. We’ll just have to wait and see what Objective-C does over the next year.

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